1. cleverguy New Member

    español, mexico
    Hi, everybody. OK. I got kind of a situation. I'd like to know how to traslate "deuces are wild" to Spanish cuz because is part of a song I play to my girl but she doesn't understand. So thanks, or wathever.
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  2. sneaksleep Senior Member

    I assume this refers to playing cards (naipes).

    wild card = comodín

    So, even though it's not as smooth as it sounds in English, an accurate translation would be "Las doses son comodines."
  3. seregnar

    seregnar Member

    Los doses son comodines
  4. sneaksleep Senior Member

    Oops. I was thinking because "doses" really means "cartas con valor de dos" that it should be feminine. Thanks for the correction!
  5. cleverguy New Member

    español, mexico
    well thanks for the answer it's just that that would be like the technical way to translate it but I actually expected that may be someone could give me like the way to say it in the romantic sence the song use it like a metaphor to a relatinship
  6. sneaksleep Senior Member

    I never thought of it like a metaphor for a relationship. Hmmm. Maybe "las parejas ganan" ???
  7. cleverguy New Member

    español, mexico
    by the way the part of the song i'm tryin to figure out says " I love you cuz your deuces are wild girl"
  8. sneaksleep Senior Member

    Maybe it's slang for breasts? (Most girls have two of those!)
  9. ERIN28 New Member


    It Means:

    vales Por Dos ( Refiriendose A Lo Que Vale Un ComodÍn En Las Cartas)
  10. Jordy1012 New Member

    Good Morning!!!

    I've seen that someone else already asked this question, however, I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me what this metaphor means in English.

    "Deuces are wild"

    I'm a big fan of Aerosmith, and the entire sentence of the song goes: "I love you 'cause the deuces are wild girl, like a double shot of loving, so fine"....

  11. garual

    garual Senior Member

    PR - Spanish
  12. Dorsey Member

    Nebraska, United States
    (American) English
    This is difficult because it really doesn't make sense in English (in this context). "Deuces Are Wild" is a card-playing term, but it is a romantic term in this context. As far as I can tell, the singer is saying that, as romantic partners, they are great together. The two of them (Deuces) are "wild" (meaning they have a great time together).

    Also, please don't ever say, as the song says: "Me and you is two of a kind." It would sound a lot better to say "You and I are two of a kind."
  13. Jordy1012 New Member


    Hi Dorsey, I think I kind of understand the metaphor now. If "deuces wild" is the name of a card in poker, then the expression "deuces are wild" could be interpreted as something that is a fact, as something that simply exists without much explanation.

    So in my own point of view, I think that Stephen Tyler means that he loves her because he does, when he says "I love you cause the deuces are wild".... What do you think?
  14. Junk Yard Dog New Member

    Houston Texas USA
    English - Texan
    To be exact, "wild" means that I can reassign any value to the card. In the case of deuces (2's) wild, if I had 3 aces and a "2" card, I could say that I have 4 aces. Serious poker players don't use wild cards.
  15. Dorsey Member

    Nebraska, United States
    (American) English
    You may be onto something, Jordy. It may refer to something that exists without much explaination. He loves her and that's just a term that is used.
    But I can't help but think that it has something to do with the 2 card in a deck of cards. Since there are two people, and "Deuces Are Wild" is a handy term that most everyone is familiar with, it's convenient to write a song about your lover "Deuces Are Wild." "Wild" has a connotation of fun. And that's what this relationship is: fun. Hope I didn't make this more complicated than it is. It's only Rock 'N' Roll.
  16. pumpkinhed New Member

    Hey, I just wanted to make a few corrections here. Although I'm sure you've all moved on from this discussion I recently was looking for the very same information, i.e. what the expression 'Deuces are Wild' meant and its relation to the song.
    The lyrics in the song actually state 'I love you 'cos YOUR deuces are wild', which changes the meaning of the phrase entirely. This is a reference to the Poker term, meaning (as stated) that deuces or 2's can be anything, seeing as a 2 is the lowest card in the game; this expression, in the Aerosmith song, seems to mean he loves her because she sees greatness in even the smallest things, everything is a 'high card' to her. This suggest some kind of optimism and adventurousness in her character.

    Sorry for going so deep haha
  17. batchmuf New Member

    Deuces wild is also a guitar title from Link Wray
  18. jpv851 New Member

    Deuces are wild > Being together is the maximum. This is my personal interpretation
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  19. Matt V. New Member

    "Your deuces are wild" I think it may translate as: "No tenes drama"/ "Todo te viene bien".

    The expression "deuces are wild" is a phrase in poker meaning that the cards with the 2 on them, for each of the four suits, are wild cards and can be substituted for any card needed to make the hand.

    In the Aerosmith song, it's a metaphor.

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