1. ando51 Senior Member

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    Can anyone help with this term? It comes from a document on a Peugeot/Toyota affiliate company, this part deals with royalty fees payable to the parent company,

    → 6% pour les véhicules,

    → 3% pour les pièces destinées à la deuxième monte.
    Does it mean second hand car, or repair trade?
    merci à tous,
  2. snarkhunter

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    "première monte" applies to the parts that are selected and used by the manufacturer on brand new cars.

    "deuxième monte" applies to spare & parts you will get from an official dealer when repairs are needed, and which might be different from the former.
  3. ando51 Senior Member

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    That's very clear!
  4. archijacq Senior Member

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    "replacement parts"
  5. JeanDeSponde

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    Aftermarket parts
  6. ando51 Senior Member

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    Thanks a lot, ando

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