Develop a law

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Chinese,Cantonese,Sichuan dialect

I wonder if the phrase “develop a law” is used correctly.

The government is developing a law to control the population problem.

I learned the term from my student’s textbook, I think it’s fine. But I looked up the phrase and I found the term is not common, perhaps.

I need your help.

Thanks a lot
  • owlman5

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    "Developing a law" tells me that the government is doing something in an effort to create a law that will address the population problem effectively. Perhaps it has hired social scientists to come up with suggestions for how to get people to limit the number of children they have. Perhaps it has hired legal experts to offer suggestions on how to pass a law that functions without violating the country's constitution.

    "Developing a law" tells me that the government must do some work or research before it creates this law.
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