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what does this statement say:
with experience many players develop a speicial fondness for the knight.(the chess piece)

I checked many dictionaries, but could not get sure what sense is the meaning of "develop" here.

Merriam webster states:

5: to acquire gradually <develop an appreciation for ballet>

collins dictionary states:

develop [dɪˈvɛləp]
1. to come or bring to a later or more advanced or expanded stage; grow or cause to grow gradually

3. to disclose or unfold (thoughts, a plot, etc.) gradually or (of thoughts, etc.) to be gradually disclosed or unfolded
4. to come or bring into existence; generate or be generated he developed a new faith in God

what is the correct sense?
  • Chesney Wormbot

    oversimplified but replace the word grow for develop. In that sentence it implies that beginning chess players have a hard time with or a distaste perhaps for the knight but over time they become more and more fond of it. This sentence implies their fondness increases with the passage of time.

    Thomas Tompion

    Senior Member
    English - England
    To develop a fondness means to become more and more attached to something to the point at which one could say one was fond of it.

    It's as if one planted a seed and watched it germinate into a shoot, and watered it and fed it and developed it. The use of the word is particular, because we also say that the plant developed, or the fondness developed. To say I developed a fondness suggests quite an active process, though in fact continuous experience of the utility of the knight in effecting forks and jumping over pieces caused the fondness to develop spontaneously and without my thinking about it.
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