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I'm trying to help my sister find the right phrase in Italian to describe her job. She'll be visiting some of our family in Sicily.
The job is in the Development Office (or fund-raising department) of a university. If you're not familiar with the idea, it's the department that raises donations and endowments from alumni and others to support the operations of the university. It may be more particular to the American university system.
If anyone has any suggestions for the most accurate phrase in Italian, we would really appreciate it. Thanks!
My attempts (for what she would say) would be:

Lavoro nell'officio di sviluppo finanziario di una università.


Faccio la raccolta fundo per una università.

Neither of these seem quite apt or correct to me, and they don't seem to capture the idea of fund-raising. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    "Raccolta fondi" is for sure clearer for italians, but since it's not a usual paid job here (usually associated to volunteering) maybe a more generic "lavoro nell'ufficio amministazione economica di una Università".


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    Well, if so "lavoro nell' ufficio amministrativo" may be enough, as this includes any financial activity.
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