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Hi there! I'm translating an essay on political theology and I find this use of the word "development" rather puzzling.

Hobbes’ great achievement, this great separation which is crucial for the art of living in a liberal democratic order is secured by three developments.

(Lilla pensa che) la grande conquista di Hobbes, questa netta separazione che si rivela cruciale per vivere in un ordinamento democratico libero, sia garantita da tre passi successivi.
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    Keyword, I don't think that passi is the best translation for developments. Sviluppi/cambiamenti would probably fit better but it is hard to say without the rest of the sentence.

    A sentence such as yours would normally continue with a listing of those key developments. I'll make up a sentence to illustrate what I believe to be the contextual use of developments:

    Three developments contributed to the exponential increase in international travel: 1) the advent of the jet airplane 2) the higher standards of living in the developed countries and 3) a higher awareness of other cultures

    As you can see, they are not sequential steps but rather independent changes in technology, prosperity and cultural conscience.

    I hope that I have helped and not created any confusion!
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