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When we first meet someone, we naturally want to get to know that person better, to see whether they think the way we do. (omission) What is viewed as adaptive varies over time and place. , one culture might view love as an indispensable part of marriage; another culture might view love as irrelevant to marriage. In both cultures, these values are likely to be taught not as somewhat arbitrary matters of cultural convention, but as matters of right and wrong. What are viewed as “realities” are rather perceptions of realities — stories. (omission)

In the passage, is it wrong to replace "varies" with "develops"??

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    Where did you see this text? What is the "source"?

    In the text, "varies over time and place" means "is different in different cultures". It does not mean "changes" or "grows", so "develops" would not make sense there.
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