deviant dalliance

Samee Ul Haq

What does the phrase "deviant dalliance" entail? <-----Question from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)----->

Upon what deviant dalliance does this dame depend?
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  • Egmont

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    Please provide some context for this unusual question and give its source, with a link if possible.

    And, are you sure it's "depends" at the end, not "depend"?


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    Yeah my bad, it's "depend".
    Thank you. You must have checked the source to know this. Again, please tell us what that source is and provide some context.

    Also, when you edited your original post to change "depends" to "depend," you may not have noticed this below the edit box:
    Please be considerate of users who have responded to this post.
    Don't edit it in a way that makes their responses seem strange.

    Your edit makes the second part of my post #2 look strange because the first post no longer says "depends." This is personally embarrassing. It would be good, in the future, to leave the original intact and add the correction, or to indicate in some other way what was there before the edit.
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