deviate from the lane

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Is "deviate" related only to someone's behaviour ?

I mean can I say for someone: do not deviate from the lane while driving.

Another sentence: Do not deviate from the method I described to you.
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    Deviation from lane is common in legal and technical language relating to driving..

    Deviation from designated lane - Milwaukee WI
    I received a citation after an accident that, I admit, I caused. I told to the officer, I knew my vehicle's tires were on the lane lines to my left (after being asked). The car in the lane to the left of me was close to the line as well, so I felt.

    I received a citation for "unsafe lane deviation" in Wisconsin. I'm unsure of what it is & if I did it.
    I was on a street that curves about 45 degrees to the right, approaching a roundabout. It's a four lane street (2 each direction). I was in the left lane. There were cars directly in front & beside me (in the right lane). A squad car was behind me. On the curve, the officer says I twice touched the center yellow line.

    Mazda 3 Owners Manual: Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)
    The LDWS notifies the driver that the vehicle may be deviating from its lane.
    The system detects the white or yellow lines on the traffic lane using the Forward Sensing Camera (FSC). If it determines that the vehicle may be deviating from its lane, it notifies the driver by flashing the LDWS indicator light (green) and operating the LDWS warning sound.
    Mazda 3 Owners Manual - Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) - i-ACTIVSENSE
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