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Hi..could you help me?... I'm very confused about this sentence "TH2 deviated pollen allergic individuals",
is it the same as "Pollen allergic individuals that deviate TH2" ? Thanks in advance.

"Interestingly, although later refuted (Annunziato et al. 2007), TH2, as compared to TH1, clones are not as easily
suppressed by Tregs (Cosmi et al. 2004). Further, TH2 deviated pollen allergic individuals show even more diminished Treg suppression during pollen season (Grindebacke et al. 2004), indicating that in non-allergic individuals, Tregs may be involved in controlling TH2 responses."

source: Regulatory T cells in human pregnancy, Linköping University Medical Dissertations
No. 1163.
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    Although I haven't a clue what any of this means, I think 'TH2 deviated pollen allergic' is meant to be read as one adjective describing 'individuals'. If I'm right, there are one or two hyphens missing.

    Others may think I'm wrong. :confused:
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