Devil takes the high road

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as The Devil takes the high road when he walks the earth at night

Qué significado tiene aquí high road?
el diablo toma el buen camino?
podría ser el diablo vuelve a la tierra?
Muchas gracias por su tiempo un saludo a todos
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    Those who take the high road, are demonstrating being honest, fair, and selfless.

    How can the devil take the high road?. Maybe the safest, or more familiar road?

    Espera a ver que te dicen los otros foreros. Para mí esto es una contradicción.

    Mientras el diablo sigue el buen camino al desplazarse por la faz de la tierra durante la noche.
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    This phrase comes from the song "Devil takes the high road" by Traitors gate. In it, the devil appears to be someone who helps you, but ....


    Castellano (Chile)
    To "take the high road" means doing the right thing, even if it may not be easy or popular with the majority. In short, righteousness.
    For example, if someone has wronged you, you can "take the low road" and seek revenge. (

    El buen camino es una opción.

    También puedes decir el camino correcto, o el camino ejemplar.


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    We need to analyze the words to this song, word by word. The title uses IRONY to distort the original expression, “Devil take the hindmost,” which the website says comes from the 1500s. The idea is that if everyone is running away, the devil will capture those who are farthest from the front. Therefore, if someone says this expression, it means that those in the rear of a group are at risk.

    But don’t take my word for it. Just Google the lyrics to this song. You will see that the devil starts out sounding very enticing (Devil takes the high road--- come with me and we’ll go, faster and higher than any star). If this is righteous, then it is being done in a very deceptive or IRONIC way. Because as the song progresses, the devil turns the tables, and you are standing all alone, you just don’t stand a chance. You have lost your soul, his force too mighty. Man to man I bet you fall.

    Therefore, my attempt to translate would be as follows:

    el diablo toma el buen camino (dicho con ironía)
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