devise a shame [scheme]


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There is an English book which is taught in Iranian college for the students whose field is English.
There are lots of tests in it, which I'm not sure if they are written by the Iranian author or collected from some English sources.

There is a test which I don't understand why that specific verb is used with the word "shame". I'd never heard these two words are used together!

The government ....... a shame for redeveloping the city center.
a) devise b) capture c) copied d) created

The book says the answer is a) devise. And I wonder why! How would be possible that the word "shame" comes with the verb "devise". Is it natural?!
Would anyone please clarify it for me?

  • eli7

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    Persian (Farsi)
    "Devise" can be somehow synonymous with "create."
    Why d) create is not correct? Don't we have such a phrase? "create a scheme"?


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    A scheme is a plan. 'Devise' means 'contrive', 'work out', i.e. construct mentally.
    'Create' is used more naturally in reference to the end product.
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