devolution of the soul


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The English word devolution has a second (formal) meaning, not translated in WR English —>French
which is "descent or degeneration to a lower or worse state", example :
"The devolution of the gentlemanly idea into a glorification of drunkenness."

In my context, we're talking about the soul's journey back home to its essential nature,
which starts from unity consciousness, the formless, to identification with the world of forms,

and I would tend to translate it in French by FR"Involution", opposite of FR"Évolution"...

Do you all agree that FR"Involution" is a good way to translate "devolution", in this particular context, or do you have better ideas perhaps?
  • Ami6

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    Hi Michelvar,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Actually, I never heard the French "involution" in a scientific context myself,
    (which is not surprising since I'm not a scientist or much involved with scientists usually)
    but I heard it several times in a spiritual context however, not a mainstream one however:
    so thanks for these other more general synonyms:

    régression, déclin
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