devoted his considerable learning to


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“In the Bay Colony he devoted his considerable learning to defending the government’s duty to enforce religious rules. Profoundly pious, he sometimes preached and prayed up to six hours in a single day.”

From “The American Pageant” by Thomas A. Bailey

learn•ing /ˈlɜrnɪŋ/ n. [uncountable]

  1. knowledge obtained by careful study in any field of scholarly work.

  1. the act or process of acquiring knowledge or skill.
learning - Dictionary of English

How can I understand “devoted his considerable learning to” ? Does it mean he learned to defend the government’s duty?
  • utopia62000

    No, it means he used his knowledge (which used to be a considerable amount of knowledge) to defend (justify) governments . . .


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    He made good use of his learning (the knowledge his education had given him) in defending the government’s duty…
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