deyince akla

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  1. josh612 Member

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    I haven't found this one treated in the dictionaries...

    What is the meaning of deyince akla? I was able to find several examples of its use. Here is one:

    Üniversite deyince akla önce ders, vize,final gelir. Ancak üniversite yaşamındadaha eğlenceli şeyler de vardır. Evet,konumuz öğrenci evleri.

    As always help is appreciated!

  2. spiraxo

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    Exams etc come to mind when talking about universities.

    I don't know equivalents of final and vize therefore wrote exams etc.

  3. ancalimon Senior Member

    de: say, tell

    deyince : when said, when told

    üniversite deyince akla xxx gelir: When "university" is said, xxx comes to mind.
  4. josh612 Member

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    Thanks very much!
  5. peptidoglycan Senior Member

    Hi josh,

    Üniversite deyince akla önce ders, vize,final gelir:

    When it comes to universities, lectures, mid-terms and final examinations come to mind first.

    akla = akıl,a

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