di più vs. in più

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  1. luciladlv New Member

    Could anyone please explain the difference between these to me? Also, when can I just use "più" on its own? eg. "Avresti dovuto impegnarti piu / di più/in più" ?? thanks!
  2. entrapta

    entrapta Senior Member

    It depends but generally in più means "in addition" or "too many" as in "uno in più"= "one too many".
  3. piume Senior Member

    You can use "più" on its own when it's related to pure adjectives.
    è il più bello, io sono più alto.
    These are the so called "comparativo di maggioranza" and "comparativo assoluto"

    Di più is used in the case you have posted.
    (with verbs)
  4. jbelveal Member

    USA and English
    Hello. Is it all right to revive this thread?
    I am trying to establish rules as to when to use "di più" and "in più ".
    It seems that "di più" is "the best, most" and "in più" is "in addition, additionally".
    It also seems that both can mean "more" but I am not sure when to use them in the right context.
    I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some general rules to follow.
    Many thanks to all who respond.
  5. AlabamaBoy

    AlabamaBoy Senior Member

    Northern Colorado USA
    American English
    A lot is already in this thread, but it might be clearer if I restate it.

    "di più" means roughly "more" modifying a verb in the example: "Avresti dovuto impegnarti di più" (You should have been more engaged/busier.)
    "in più" means "in addition" or "in excess" as in "Hai qualche chilo in più" (You are a few pounds overweight.) or Abbiamo un Euro in più (We have one Euro too many.)
    "il più" means the best or the most as in: "è il più bello" (He is the most handsome)
    più" means "more" modifying an adjective or an adverb as in: io sono più alto. (I am taller.) Vado più velocemente di lui. (I am going faster than he is.)
  6. L'Enrico Senior Member

    Milan, Italy

    I think that Abbiamo un euro in più can translate as We have one euro too many only when it means abbiamo un euro di troppo
    (the construction "one X too many" is usually translated as "un X di troppo" in grammar books).
    Noi abbiamo un euro in più (meaning in più di voi) instead means We have one euro more (than you have).

    [EDIT: Incidentally, in più can also be used as a conjuction, to mean moreover, on top of that]

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  7. AlabamaBoy

    AlabamaBoy Senior Member

    Northern Colorado USA
    American English
    Thanks, greatly appreciated. :) I imagined that we were all chipping in to pay for dinner, and at the end, we realized there was an extra Euro more than was needed to pay the tab.

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