Diagnostic or preoperative workup


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I cannot find the very common English medical expression 'workup' in the dictionary.

A common context is the term 'diagnostic workup'. The term 'diagnostic workup' is a collective noun which describes all the history taking, blood and urine analyses, X-rays, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, isotope scans, etc. etc. which are carried out in order to arrive at a diagnosis.

Another term is 'preoperative workup' which refers to all the tests etc. done before a surgical operation to ensure that the surgeon has all the information needed for the operation and that the anaesthetist has all the information needed to ensure the safety of the patient during and after the operation.

The medical term workup has nothing to do with the common phrase, e.g. "he was very worked up", meaning that a person was very excited or angry about something.

How should I translate 'workup' into Italian ?
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    The "diagnostic workup" is called "anamnesi" in Italian, as far as to the "history taking".
    Unfortunately I can't be of any help as to the rest of your question.


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    Thank you both for these suggestions. I guess I'll go for 'indagine diagnostica' unless someone corrects me.


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    Aaah, thanks very much. So I'll go for anamnesi e indagini diagnostiche

    Credo che "anamnesi e indagini diagnostiche" sia un po' ridondante (l'indagine, nel senso più ampio del termine, comprende anche l'anamnesi).

    Io tradurrei con:
    - valutazione diagnostica
    - indagini diagnostiche

    Per quanto riguarda "preoperative workup", direi:
    - indagini (diagnostiche) preoperatorie
    - valutazione (diagnostica) preoperatoria