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    I would like to know what the general consensus is on how to punctuate dialogue by the same character, that spans a paragraph break (without a beat), like this:

    "...here is someone talking."
    "now here they continue talking..."

    Are there different acceptable approaches? I have been told to omit the closing quotation mark on the first paragraph, but my google search hasn't confirmed if that's the best advice. I want this for fiction writing.
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    That's what I would expect, Max: omission of the closing inverted commas at the end of all paragraphs except the one that ends the speaker's 'turn'.
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    This is the method specified in the style book used by the American newspaper industry.
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    The style in the US at least is give opening quotation marks for the first paragraph and each succeeding paragraph and closing quotation marks on the final paragraph of the quotation. If it is a long quote, it's more readable to render it as a block quotation without quotation marks.
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    When quoted dialogue carries from one paragraph to another (and to another and another), the closing quotation mark does not appear until the quoted language finally ends (although there is a beginning quotation mark at the start of each new quoted paragraph to remind the reader that this is quoted language).
    Capital Community College Foundation (AE)

    Quotation marks are used--
    8.130. At the beginning of each paragraph of a quotation, but at the end of
    the last paragraph only.
    Government Printing Office Style Manual (AE)
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    Excellent, thanks!

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