diamond-cut squares of silver,


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Hi everybody,
It's coming from the book, Daniel Defoe's Captain Singleton.

Our correspondence with the natives was absolutely necessary, and our
artist the cutler having made abundance of those little diamond-cut
squares of silver,
with these we made shift to traffic with the black
people for what we wanted; for indeed they were pleased wonderfully with
them, and thus we got plenty of provisions. At first, and in particular,
we got about fifty head of black cattle and goats, and our cook's mate
took care to cure them and dry them, salt and preserve them for our
grand supply; nor was this hard to do, the salt and saltpetre being very
good, and the sun excessively hot; and here we lived about four months

My Question: What is this shape?
What confuses me is the phrase "diamond cut"
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    diamond-cut squares of silver -> squares of silver that were cut into the shape of a diamond.

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