Diapers to dentures

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I have the acknowledgements of Tea Obrecht, "Tiger's wife" author. I am stuck to "diapers to dentures", better say I am not sure and cannot find the definition anywhere. Would you help me please? Below the quotation:

I am forever indebted to: my parents, Maja and Jovan, whose faith is boundless and unfaltering; my baby brother, Alex, the best illustrator ever; my grandmother, Zahida, who is a rock. Dr. Maˇsa Kova evi—my traveling companion, diapers to dentures— whose tolerance of late-night phone calls was indispensable to the completion of this book, and whose wit and wisdom have reconnected me to my roots.

Thank you
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    Diapers represent the earliest stage of life. Dentures, false teeth that one uses after one's own teeth fall out, represent the last stages. To me, that expression would mean "through all my life, from infancy to old age." However, that doesn't seem to fit this context. She probably didn't know her traveling companion when she was a baby.
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