dibujisticamente hablando

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  1. iinnffooss Senior Member

    Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Spanish from Spain (north)
    This is a quite difficult word to translate, isn't it? Can anybody help me?

    What I want to say is that a drawing is clearer than other "dibujisticamente hablando". I mean, in terms of quality of the drawing as a technical representation of the real world.

    I know the rules say that I should attempt first with a translation but, honestly, I can't think any...
  2. jmx

    jmx Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    técnicamente hablando ? artísticamente hablando ?
  3. Chris K Senior Member

    Tacoma WA, US
    English / US
    This drawing is clearer in regards to draftsmanship than the other...
    This drawing is clearer in terms of drawing technique than the other...
    As regards drawing technique, this drawing is clearer etc.
  4. iinnffooss Senior Member

    Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    Spanish from Spain (north)
    No técnica ni artísticamente hablando. Un dibujo puede ser muy bueno técnicamente en el sentido de aplicar bien una técnica y, sin embargo, no representar fiel ni cualitativamente la realidad. Y lo mismo, puede ser de una calidad artística extrema pero no representar (incluso en absoluto) la realidad dibujada (abstracción).

    Anyway, I like a lot the three options Chris K suggests, specially the first one. I think it fits perfectly. Many thanks!
  5. rotor Senior Member

    Madrid/ Spain
    Dibujísticamente no existe en el diccionario, no lo digo por nada, sino para que no se la aprendan los que intentan aprender español

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