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Hi to all Catalan forum bugs. I would like to know if there are on-line
català-anglès english-catalan resources like the word reference forum. Also, right now, I have with me an Oxford Pocket Català Diccionari. It is very handy but I couldn't find the trnslation of some words like:


Thanks a lot.
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    Hey Cracker Jack!

    I believe they have a good dictionary here: http://www.vilaweb.com but you have to logg in to access to it.

    Reg.translations..here we go:
    Puntxegut:cross: . Actually is “punxegut:tick: “pointed-shaped” for a knife for instance. You can also say: “ell té el nas punxegut”. English: He has a pointed nose. Castilian: “puntiagudo”

    Esclarissat. “lacks density” . Example: “aquest bosc és esclarissat” meaning this wood has few trees in it.
    Castilian +o- “despejado”

    Escarransit. normally used as “small or smaller than expected/should be” depending of the context could be “lacking generosity” as well. Example: “aquest nadó és molt escarransit” “this baby is very small”.
    Castilian +o- “pequeñito” and many others.

    Malauradament English: “regretfully” Castilian: “lamentablemente”


    Cracker Jack

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    Thanks a lot Roi buddy. I know I can always count on you. Thanks for the corrections too. Once I get Certificat C, I will engage you in a marathon exchange and more challenging posts. Hahaha. In the meantime, please bear with me.

    I hope the Generalitat will create an on-line multilingual-Catalan dictionary. Have a great weekend!!!



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    Cracker Jack, you can also look at DACCO, which is an open-source English-Catalan dictionary. It is spotty in places but covers colloquialisms that you might not find in other sources. It's at sourceforge (dot) net (slash) projects (slash) dacco

    Also there are catalandictionary (dot) org, and the very useful and frightfully comprehensive dictionary of Catalan swear words at insultmonger (dot) com (slash) swearing (slash) catalan (dot) htm. Warning that the last one has some nasty popups.

    Cracker Jack

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    Hey thanks a lot alan. I checked out DACCO and it's really great and there's a printable and a downloadable version. It's much better than the Oxford version. You are right, some of the entries are not found in other sites.

    The sourceforge site is not accessible at the moment. I will have to try again much later.

    I tried accessing insultmonger and it's really explosive. It's more like a romance-sex site. And there are lots of pop-ups too. At any rate, some items are in Catalan, though most are in Spanish. Thanks once again.