Dich sollten sie zum Decken verwenden


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This is a line from Das Boot. The tone is ironic, suggesting that the previous speaker is stating the obvious. I suppose I'm looking for help from other English speakers as much as German ones, as "they should use you as a cloth" certainly won't work(!), but I can't think of an idiomatic equivalent.

Full section: 'Bist n kluges Kind. Dich sollten sie zum Decken verwenden.'

My attempt: 'You're a smart kid. They should give you a promotion.'

Can anyone tell me what the real sense of the German is? Or offer a better English version?

Danke im Voraus!
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    Decken = The process of a male animal impregnating a female. Which male is the lucky one is controlled by a farmer so not quite natural. :D

    Farmers usually pick the best animals to mate/tup/serve with the female ones.
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