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I need some help with this:

Since when would you say that the word "dick" is used with the meaning of "penis"? I've tried to find a corpus to consult but they all were too new for what I need.

  • Loob

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    The OED agrees: here are the first few citations:
    1891 in FARMER Slang. 1929 F. MANNING Middle Parts of Fortune I. v. 95 Dost turn thysen to t'wall, lad, so's us 'ns sha'n't see tha dick? 1934 H. MILLER Tropic of Cancer 68 That circumcised dick of his. 1963 J. T. STORY Something for Nothing ii. 42 At a time when sex was being introduced into the school curriculum as something entirely new, they were already playing ‘dicks and bums’ with boisterous enjoyment.

    Harry Batt

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    If you feel that there is such a thing as valid conjecture then dick was used for penis prior to the 1890s. The short reasoning has it that the word hick was established for a short time as a nickname for Richard. Characteristically, hick and dick became a rhyming combination with dick surviving and hick disappeared. Dick became applied as the name for an average man and eventually the phallus of any man.
    I felt that Word Detective might have treated this same question, but he has not covered it.
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