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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Gianni2, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Gianni2 Senior Member

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    I just saw that 'i vucumprà' is listed in the dictionary as a 's.m' and 'f.inf.'. What do these stand for?
  2. sound shift

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    I'm not sure. Could 's.m.' stand for sostantivo maschile (masculine noun)?
  3. danalto

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    Yes, you're right. As for the other one, I really don't know!:confused:
  4. brian

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    Hi all,

    usually stands for infinito/infinitive, which in this case makes no sense. De Mauro has "s.m. e f.inv." for vucumprà, and inv stands for invariable/invariabile. So I would think f.inv. = femminile invariabile, but Google gives only 1 results for "la vucumprà," and 0 results for "le vucumprà," while there are a few hundred results for each of "il ..." and "i ..." Maybe it's just not a very common word..?

  5. edrian_quintos Member

    turin, italy
    inf means infinitivo(infinitive) meaning to speak, to write and more..
    for example in italian:
    amare (in forma infinitivo) to love
    i love -amo
    you love - ami and so on.. the form of the verb changes thats why its important to write inf.(it also signify that the word is more onf a verb)

    invariabilè on the other hand means that the word stays always in the same form..
    for example :
    (beautiful boy) bello ragazzo
    bella ragazza- beautiful girl
    bei ragazzi - beautiful boys
    belle ragazze - beautiful girls
    - meaning bello is a s.m.var. (singolare[singular], maschile[masculine], variabile[variable meaning may change])
  6. edrian_quintos Member

    turin, italy
    s.m. vuol dire singolare maschile :)
  7. edrian_quintos Member

    turin, italy
    s.m. : singolare - maschile
    sm. : sostantivo maschile :)

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