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    Recently, I purchased both Merriam-Webster's "Dictionary of English Usage" and "Dictionary of Synonyms." The former deals with questions such as the proper past participles of verbs ("sneaked" or "snuck"?), the correct prepositions to use with adjectives ("different to" or "different than"?), and so on--issues that can be a bit problematic even for native speakers. The latter differs from a thesaurus in that it explains in detail the fine distinctions between words of similar meaning.

    As I've been reading these books, I've thought how useful it would be to have similar resources at hand for the study of Japanese. The problem is that almost no such resources exist in English for Japanese, and although I'd be happy to look into Japanese books on these topics, I'm not sure what they would be called in Japanese. I'm hoping the natives can help me out in my search and perhaps even direct me to some well-respected works.

    Thank you
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    Hi, I just read your post and that reminded me of this. This might be a little different from those topics but is definitely an issue bothering native speakers. Anyways. there are quite a few words most (let's say more than 50%) of the native speakers have misunderstood, such as なし崩し, 煮詰まる, 憮然とする and many more. For example the correct meaning of なし崩し is like "little by little" but many think it means "in an unorganised way." This topic is pretty interesting to me, I mostly end up finding myself at the wrong side, and am sure quite a few native speakers are interested as well. So learners may be, too.
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    I haven't heard of any famous, quality masterpiece that, such as 'The Element of Style' by Strunk & White, explains the Japanese language. And Japanese doesn't use a thesaurus dictionary very much, limiting a chance for you to get the dictionary translated into English. How about using English-version online Japanese thesaurus?

    I recommend you textbooks for the Japanese Proficiency Test. Select the formal version released by the association. I'd like to know how Japanese learners like them. Right now, they are probably the best I can recommend. But there's a good web page whose name start with 'W'..

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