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    Is there any dictionary online or printed edition that gives the pronunciation of words (in IPA or similar) for each entry in Catalan? I find myself in situtations that even though I can string a correct sentence, I have often doubts about the correct pronunciation of some words and I have found no way/no place to check the correct pronunciation (e.g. open vs closed vowels and other issues and doubts I have..). I find Catalan pronuncation complex and I doubt that I'm the only one who has looked for this.

    Thanks for your help
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    None that I'm aware of. The DCVB gives non-standard pronunciations, so it's probably not what you want. I have a Catalan-English pocket dictionary with IPA transcriptions in standard Catalan for every word. Unfortunately, it's not online and may be out of print.

    Diccionari Català-Anglès - English-Catalan Dictionary
    Diccionaris de l'Enciclopèdia
    ISBN 84-412-2573-7

    I've found it! On sale here.
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    Thanks very much to both of you, especially you ernest_. I think I'm going to buy that dictionary, although it's only a mini one. Can you tell me how many individual entries are there in the Catalan-English part?

    Hopefully one of the big dictionaries will be upgraded some day and include pronunciation, otherwise, Catalan will remain out of reach for most of us who are trying to learn it on their one, without formal instruction. Català is not Castellano where once you learn the rules you're 100% safe and confident on how to pronounce, it's 10 times more complex. A good, comprehensive dictionary with pronunciation is the only way to make Catalan more accessible to self-taught learners and I hope someone is paying attention.

    I have had the same doubts with Italian with open and closed vowels, but there are dozens of dictionaries, online and printed, that will tell you which is which in each word.
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    It's got 40,000 entries. It's very handy, I used it myself to look up the pronunciation of English words. I don't know why the big Catalan dictionaries don't have pronunciations. I agree that it's needed. Anyway, good luck in your endeavour and you're welcomed to ask questions in this forum, there's always people willing to help.

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