Did I master a King Fish [Kingfish] grin?

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My question is what does "I mastered a King Fish grin" supposed to mean in the text below

(source: Iceberg Slim's novel 'Pimp, The Story of my life')

The section that containes the expression:

”I just stood there shaking. I couldn’t figure why those crazy jokers at the bar were yukking like pickaninnys. To stay with the program I mastered a King Fish grin. I went to the bar and sat between Amos and Andy.”

Slim describes visiting a place called ’Fun House’ that is a bar but full of many funny traps and tricks for the guests. E.g. when he enters he got immediately frightened by a man in a phophorescent skeleton masquerade. This is followed by the section quoted above.

Native speakers please help! (It would be super if someone could tell me about even the ethimology of the expression)

thanks in advance
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    Try this Wikipedia article on Tim Moore (comedian), and be sure to click on the link in that first paragraph to Amos 'n' Andy for the full story. His name in the series was Kingfish and you can see his smile in the photo on that page.
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