did not expect you to do vs that you would

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    I have got a question about the tense. I have made a situation related to the questioned tense.
    My friend has just returned from his vacation and now is coming in my office with a present. (He is in front of me rihgt now.) I have to say some words.
    Probalbly I could say :

    I did not expect you to give me a present.

    But, I would like to make a joke like the below.

    1. I did not expect you would give me a present.
    2. I expected you to give me a present. (If you didn't, I were going not to see you again.)
    3. I expected you would give me a present.

    I'm guessing #1 is not fittable in this situation. (To be honest, I'm not sure. But to me It could seem to sound too rude or sarcastic.) But As for #2 and #3, I have no idea. Are they possible? (If so, which is better?) If they all are not good, would you give good alternative jokes appropraite in the situation?

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    In all honesty I would strongly advise not trying to make jokes in this context unless it is someone you are very very friendly with. :eek:

    If you are sure it will be safe, then my opinions are:

    e.g. 1 is not really funny, it is more like being polite.
    e.g. 2 with the threat to not see him again if he didn't get you a present is probably he one to use, because it is most obviously not true, but it needs totally re-phrasing to get the tone and the conditionals worked out better
    e.g. It's a good job you got me this, I was going to ignore you if you came back empty-handed ...
    e.g. 3 just sounds plain rude.
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    Thank you. I will follow your advice.:)

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