did the legwork <there>


Two investigators from the Society of Psychical Research, Grosse and Playfair, have been staying at a house with a poltergeist. Now, the superiors from the society are visiting the house too, and get convinced of the presence of the poltergeist in the house. The poltergeist is the spirit of a former resident of this house -- Joe Watson. Now the four of them - Grosse, Playfair, and the two superiors -- are in the kitchen, talking. One of the superiors asks:
-- What do we know of the real Joe Watson?
-- [Playfair, pointing at Maurice Grosse] It's Maurice, did the legwork there.
The Enfield Haunting, TV series

Grosse did visit Joe Watson's son, talking with him about his father. The question is what Playfair actually meant by "there". Thank you.
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    I'd just assume "did the legwork there" means "did the legwork for that topic (i.e. researching Joe Watson)."
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