did you call, have you called,you called


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I got a crank call.
Stranger:Hey! how are you?
Me:May I know who are you?
He replied: Stranger;
I replied : Why did you call me? or why have you called me?

Which one should I have used? Or should I have used Why you called me?
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    Hi dumbfounded

    Here's how these conversations usually go in my house:
    Stranger: Can I speak to Mr or Mrs Loob?
    Me: Who's speaking?
    Stranger: Is that Mrs Loob?
    Me: Why are you asking?
    Stranger: Oh, I'm not selling anything, I just want to ask you a few questions.
    Me: You're wasting your time and mine. Goodbye.

    So ... I wouldn't use either the past tense (Why did you call me?) or the present perfect (Why have you called me?).
    I would use the present continuous (Why are you calling me? or equivalent;).)


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    Boss asks one of his employees to come to his office. The employee comes in 10 minutes and he says:

    - Did you call (for) me?
    - Have you called (for) me?

    To me PAST SIMPLE seems more appropriate.
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