Did you go somewhere exciting at the weekend?

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  1. Maicol1953 Senior Member

    Hola, tengo dudas sobre esta oración: Did you go somewhere exciting at the weekend? o Did you go anywhere exciting at the weekend? Tengo entendido que any lo usamos en interrogación y negación. Gracias.
  2. SevenDays Senior Member

    Sí, lo usual es que "any" vaya con la interrogación y en la negación, pero "some" (somewhere) se usa cuando el hablante tiene en mente o espera una respuesta positiva. Para algunos, la forma "any" es neutral (sin expectativa de respuesta positiva o negativa) , y la "some" subjetiva (con expectativa positiva).
  3. Giorgio Spizzi Senior Member

    Hola, Maicol.
    I've been in the EFL teaching profession long enough and I must say I got rid of those distinctions long ago.
    There is something in the deep semantics of SOME and ANY that defies most, if not all, those mechanistic rules of linguistic behaviour. "Some" can be found in negatives and in interrogatives; "Any" can be used in affirmative and negative statements.
    I'd say that a SENTENCE containing "some" is positively BIASED, but that does not mean that in questions, say, the speaker expects a positive ANSWER. To use the traditional example, if I offer my guest more tea, why on earth should I expect an affirmative answer? More reasonably, I'll tend to use SOME if I can detect (in the context and situation) the indicators/traces of the existance of something. If my wife and I are watching TV and she stands up and moves away from the sofa, I might "ask" (but I wonder whether it's a real question): " You going somewhere?".
    A real QUESTION would be "Are you going anywhere?", but I seriously doubt this would be used under those circumstances.

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  4. Avispero

    Avispero Senior Member

    to me it sounds more natural with anywhere
  5. Maicol1953 Senior Member

    Me quedó claro que todo es muy confuso para el hispano hablante, hasta a veces me pregunto cómo ellos mismos, los anglo parlantes se entienden... Amo el inglés y lo voy a aprender así me cueste la vida.
  6. FromPA

    FromPA Senior Member

    Philadelphia area
    USA English
    First of all, I would say "over the weekend" (US), and then, after turning over in my mind the nuance between "some"
    and "any," I really can't discern any difference.
  7. vidaverde

    vidaverde Senior Member

    English (USA)
    Estoy de acuerdo con lo que dice SevenDays. En una pregunta, "somewhere" implica que se espera una respuesta afirmativa.

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