Did you have a good night last night?

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    • Did you have a good night last night?

    Hiii I'm trying to translate this phrase in a way that sounds common and colloquial, here is my attempt:

    "hai passato una buona sera?"

    Grazieeee :)
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    volevo solo aggiungere "ieri".

    Hai passato/trascorso una bella serata ieri?
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    Without more context, I'm not convinced "Did you have a good night" refers necessarily to "having a good time," ("passare una bella serata"), the evening before. It could just as easily mean "sleeping well" - in the sense that maybe the person has trouble sleeping, or needed rest. And in this case I'd translate it "Hai dormito bene, stanotte?"
  5. amyvmr New Member

    Yes I mean it in the context of someone doing something in the evening, like going for a drink or to the cinema etc.

    Thank you for your help!
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    In quel caso si potrebbe dire forse ‘Ti sei divertito/a ieri sera?’
    Curiosone aveva ragione a voler piu’ contesto. :)
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