Did you have fun?


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Hey there, I was wondering if I could get a little help with this sentence. This is what I have so far.

好玩(了)你們(了)嗎? Would you have to put 了 there, too?

"Did you (all) have fun?"

Also the girl I know is from Taiwan, which of these characters (if not all) are Zhuyin and which are Pinyin?
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    First, none of those symbols that you've inputted are Zhuyin/Pinyin. Zhuyin and Pinyin are different systems that serve a similar purpose which is to help people to learn to pronounce a character. Zhuyin uses fancy symbols to do this, whereas Pinyin uses roman letters.

    As far as the question, did you (all) have fun?, i would say:


    In pinyin, this sentence would be written as:

    (ni3 men dou1) wan2 de2 kai1 xin1 ma3?

    ([ㄋㄧˇ] [ㄇㄣ˙] [ㄉㄡ]) [ㄨㄢ´] [ ㄉ˙] [ ㄎㄞ ] [ㄒㄧㄣ] [ ㄇㄚ˙]
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    Well, I've no idea if people in Taiwan use Zhuyin more than Pinyin, but in mainland most people don't know how to use Zhuyin. Pinyin is much more common.