Did you just pay homage to The Sting?


Hello! What does "Did you just pay homage to The Sting?" mean in the following context? Thanks!

Phoebe and Adam are talking in a park, a scene from "Thanks for Sharing" (2012)

Adam: We need a system here, (LAUGHS) some signs to signify. So when we're serious, we have to do this (Adam patting his own chest).

Phoebe: Oh, I love that. Okay. Yes, Adam, I'm serious. I'm training for a triathlon. Oh, and when we're joking, we can do that (Phoebe touching her own nose).

Adam: Did you just pay homage to The Sting?
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    I suppose "The Sting" refers to either the 1973 film or the book. Perhaps touching one's own nose is a sign used in one of them.

    "Paying homage" refers to doing something to signify your regard for something.
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