Did you know they are going to get married?

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There are two sentences with "going to" from my book as below:

1. Did you know that they are going to get married?

2. Have you heard that the hospital is going to close?

In my book, it says that this kind of sentences is used to report what speakers have been told. But I'm not sure what "going to" means in them. For me, I would think it means predictions and the original remarks made by other people would be "I think that they will get married soon." and "I think that the hospital will close soon." Please kindly tell me if my understanding is correct.
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    Yes. Going to is just another form of future, often used in informal speech. It means "Did you know they will get married" etc.
    The use of this type of future is completely unrelated to the fact that these sentences are reporting what the speaker has been told.

    I'm going to get married!
    I'm going to be rich some day.


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    I don't quite understand this "I think" interpretation. If someone said to me, "Have you heard that John and Mary are going to get married?" I would interpret it one of two ways (which might depend on who said it):

    (1) Have you heard anything to the effect that John and Mary are going to get married? (The speaker knows nothing.)
    (2) John and Mary are going to get married. Did you know about it before now?
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