Did you smoke the carpet


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Do you use the expresion ''to smoke the carpet'' referring to someone who does not stop to bulish you or repetitively makes mistakes.

Did you smoke the carpet?

Many thanks
  • DearPrudence

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    It must be a calque from French ;)
    I've never heard this one either. It's possibly an obscure drug reference.
    Yes, in French, we say that when someone says strange things, or looks high, as if he had smoked (the carpet, the curtains, or any other thing :D)
    Good to know I couldn't say it in English ...


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    I googled "smoking the carpet" and found lots of quotes and references. It means that one is high on cannabis (possibly other drugs?). I have not heard this in BE, however. Having said that, I don't smoke dope, so it is possible that it is current in BE.


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    Yes, I confirm this is a French expression. But I heard some American using it. Maybe he did it for fun as he also speaks French.
    So, now I know that it's 100% French expression.


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    I've heard:

    "The cat ate the weed. What should we do?"

    "There is only one thing that we can do. Smoke the cat."

    (I'm fairly certain that the cat would not approve.")

    Perhaps someone dropped some marijuana on the rug, and in desperation they considered "smoking the rug".


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    United States
    I've heard the cat thing too, but that's a specific situation. Piotr190 is refering to an expression. Probably because the rug can be rolled up, resembling a joint. In this case, it would just be a reference to a really big joint (like in History of the World, Part 1), meaning that the person is really high, or acting like it.

    But I've never heard it used before.


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    I have heard, "What are they smoking?",
    and "What are they on?...",
    so it is beginning to make sense to me now.:)

    [and I am, a former 'drug counselor', no less!]


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    Here's my two cents:

    Hemp is another name for the marijuana plant. Aside from the chemicals (drugs) that can be extracted from the marijuana plant, the fibres can be (and often are) used to make rope, coarse fabric, etc. Accordingly, it is often woven into rugs/carpets and the term "smoking the rug/carpet" is an idiom used to mean smoking marijuana.
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