Did you use to live here?'

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  1. Arai Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish

    I was wondering what the answer to this question is:

    Did you use to live here?

    Yes, I did???????
    Yes, I used to??????

    Thanks in advance.
  2. abb1025

    abb1025 Senior Member

    English USA
    They are both correct.
  3. Arai Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
  4. PeppermintPattie

    PeppermintPattie Member

    English - USA
    Honestly, the question is a bit awkward. While it makes sense, I would have asked, "Did you live here?" or "Have you ever lived here?". Your responses are fine but not grammatically impressive, either. To respond, I would likely say, "Yes, I used to live here" or be more specific and say, "Yes, I lived here while I was in college."
  5. JennyTW Senior Member

    Córdoba, Spain
    English - UK
    I can't see anything wrong with "Did you use to live here?"

    As for the answers, "Yes, I used to" is a bit repetitive and redundant, so best to stick to "Yes, I did".
  6. Piragüero Senior Member

    American English
    I agree with JennyTW.
  7. Arai Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Thank you all for your answers ;)
  8. inib

    inib Senior Member

    La Rioja, Spain
    British English
    So do I.
  9. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    If the context were formal, what you say would be true, but the original question is perfectly common and correct in colloquial speech.

    I'm afraid I disagree completely on this one. The original responses both sound natural and are correct. I, for one, would not​ be likely to use the responses you have given.
  10. 797102030aaa

    797102030aaa Senior Member

    except in conversation it would be: yeah, I used to
  11. LaReinita

    LaReinita Senior Member

    East Coast, USA
    USA (Northeast Coast)-Inglés

    Did you used to live here?
  12. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    There are numerous threads in which this topic is argued, but I am on the side which says that the above is incorrect, because it is a redundant past tense (did + used). The basic construction of a past-tense question in English is {did + subject + verb in simple present tense}. By the same reasoning, it would be incorrect to say "Did you lived here?"

    However, both sides have good arguments, so I guess it's just a matter of personal preference.

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