didn't give no gun (double negative!)


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Security woman: "Suarez, I have a gun and I willn't hesitate to use it."
Betty Suarez: "They give you a gun?"
Secutiry woman: "No, girl, they didn't give no gun. But I swear to you I will jump out of the circle desc and tackle you."

I'm not sure what the security woman is saying whether she has a gun or not.:confused: Look, like she has and it also looks like she says this sarcastically.
  • Franzi

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    If her voice sounds sarcastic, it's probably because she's signalling to Betty that Betty said something dumb.

    First the security woman says something kind of cliched. I assume she first told Betty to stop or that she's implying Betty should stop/not go somewhere/not do something. Obviously, she's not really going to shoot Betty.

    Then Betty asks if she really has a gun (which is a stupid question).

    The security guard retorts that she does not have a gun, but she will still attack Betty (if she doesn't go along with what the guard wants).

    What race is the guard? "No, girl, they didn't give me no gun" sounds like it's supposed to be AAVE.