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  1. lycen Senior Member

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    These sentences show past tense goes with past tense:

    I thought he was a mean person.
    I had no idea he was a kind person.

    What about this:

    I didn't know he was/is a kind person.

    I have seen and heard often 'didn't know he is". Is it correct to use the present tense with the past in this context?

  2. Keith Bradford

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    I think it's wrong, and would not advise it.

    (Logically, I had no idea he is a kind person means "in the past I didn't know what he is like now". Well of course not! That would be clairvoyance!)
  3. Beryl from Northallerton Senior Member

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    As a rule past follows past, as you've said. It can give rise to some weirdness - 'I didn't know he was called Dave' - but he's still called Dave, so what's wrong with 'I didn't know he's called Dave'? - it's not clairvoyance, it just sounds wrong. There are usually work-arounds if you're bothered by these things.
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  4. justmat Member

    Suppose my friend is to act in a play which is to be enacted on a later date, and I knew about it only now,is it correct to say :-

    1. I didn't know you are in the play.
    2. I didn't know you were in the play.
    3. I didn't know you will be in the play.

    If I say #2, does it mean the play is in the past.
    Are #1 and #3., grammatically correct?
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  5. WildWest

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    First things first, I'm not a native speaker as you may see.

    Your third sentence seems wrong to me, and I'd just use "would" instead. Apart from this, if I had to pick between the first and the second, I would personally go with the second.

    Lastly, even if it has apparently nothing to do with your question but is still connected to the main subject, I want to add something. I heard someone said "I told you I'm done" and got confused just like you. Then, I noticed it most likely has to be as follows:

    I told you "I'm done"

    There's a big difference. It probably arised from the fact that it was a quote from a TV series and I saw this in a website, which I realised many quotes shared there were wrong, after a long while. There was another quote in the same place that belongs to the same TV series:

    "Look, I told you I'm not in the mood"

    I suppose it has to be as follows:

    I told you "I'm not in the mood"

    Despite everything, the way these people say these was kind of different. It was like they wanted to mean what I considered wrong. I mean, it was the stress that was different.

    P.S: In addition to my examples, here comes another one:

    "I said it is over"

    I suppose it is ==> I said "it is over"
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