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    I have heard somewhere that 'die' can take on the role as a pronoun. But I can't remember if it is for 'Sie' of for 'sie' (they); and can it only be used at the beginning of a sentence if what I've heard is correct?

    Thank you:)
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    As a demonstrative, not as a personal pronoun. It is the same as English "that". Actually not only "die" (feminine and plural) but also "der" (masculine singular) and "das" (neuter singular) as well as oblique forms.
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    In addition, it can be a relative pronoun. Die Frau(en), die....
    Only third person sing./pl. though.
  4. Hutschi

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    You should note that "die" as demonstrative pronoun is usually no good style if you mean a person (it has often a pejorative character), but it is fully accepted as relative pronoun.

    I learned from my mother "Der steht im Stall und die steht daneben." This shows the pejorative character quite well.
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    Haha, ya I remember that from kindergarten. Pointing with your finger would make matters even worse...

    Man zeigt nicht mit nackten Fingern auf angezogene Leute!! :D
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