Die civil sanction for inaction


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Buenos días:

Estoy traduciendo un texto legal sobre una prescripción extintiva. ¿Me podrían ayudar con la traducción de die civil sanction en este contexto?:

This consultation presents an analysis contrary to all principles of law, according to which a debtor condemned to an obligation would prescribe against his creditor while exercising remedies. According to this reasoning, the creditor would be sanctioned (prescription being primarily die civil sanction for inaction) for having had the prudence not to seek enforcement before having benefited from a final decision.

Les agradezco mucho su ayuda.
  • Joe Esquire

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    I think you have a typo in the original. There is no such thing as a “die civil sanction” . The closest thing is a“death penalty civil sanction” which is not exactly in context, because it is not based on prescription but on procedural misconduct.

    I think it reads perfectly fine as: (prescription being the civil sanction for inaction). Purely a definition.

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