die Rettung einer Bank


England, English

I'm struggling to fully understand this sentence

"Um alle Wünsche zu erfüllen, brauchte man nicht viel weniger Geld als für die Rettung einer Bank."

I've got... In order to fulfill all your wishes you don't need much less money than the savings of a bank.

but i don't like the last bit about you don't need less money...or the saving of a bank

any suggestions would be very helpful

Danke :)
  • Hutschi

    Senior Member
    It is an ironic allusion to the finance crisis.

    You need about 2 to 20 or eve more Milliarden (Am. Engl.: Billion) Euros to save a bank from bankruptcy.

    It means: It takes you very very very very very much money to fulfill all wishes.

    It takes you not (much) less money than it would take you to save a bank from bankruptcy in the current time of bank crashes.
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