Die Sache ist die, dass durch eine syntakische


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Die Sache ist die,dass durch eine syntaktische Wendung das Hauptobjekt des Satzes oder auch das Subjekt so gestellt werden konnte,dass jenes subsidiarisch eingeschobne is (latin it) in allen Casibus entbehrlich wurde,wodurch der Satz an Concinnitat gewann;was syntaktisch zu einem Satze verbunden werden konnte,erscheint in zwei koordinieren Sätzen,statt des einmal genannten Subjekts,wird dasselbe noch einmal durch is(latin)auf-und eingefuhrt

The thing is that, that by the syntactic change of the main object of the sentence or even the subject could become so contrived,that auxiliar words being put in all of Caesar's works became dispensable,which concinnity was gained...

Please better mine and continue please, thanks.
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    Wow this is a tough one, I have taken latin classes for 5 years at school and turtured teacher by using just the same kind of interlaced syntax but to be honest I'm not exactly sure what the auter wants to communicate. Here's my attempt:
    "The thing is, that by a syntatic collocation the main object or the subject of the sentence could be contrived in a manner that made the sudsidary interjected "is" obsolete in all Casibus, thus providing more concinnity for the sentence; what could be conjoined syntatically to form one sentence, appears as two coordinated ones, instead of mentioning the subject once it is introduced a second time by "is".
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