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  1. 2 blocks from trocadero Member

    Hi all,

    ''Die Unterbetter'' is the title of a booklet I have to translate for my course. I've found no English equivalent for ''unterbetter''- could someone help?

    Does the word even exist in standard German?

  2. exgerman Senior Member

    English but my first language was German
    What's the booklet about? That should give a clue.
  3. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    Hi, "unterbetter" does not exist, while the noun "Unterbetter" may exist.
    But I do not know the word.
    It may have several meanings, I see at the moment:

    1. A dated plural form of Unterbett
    2. Diejenigen die unterbetten ("Das Unterbetten" and the verb "unterbetten" = "ein Unterbett herstellen" exists.)
    3. A name.
    4. Die, die im Unterbett liegen. (Das habe ich aber noch nie gehört.)

    Can you give more context? I do not have the book. Without context I think it is just a name.

    Because it is a book title I do not think that it is a typo.

    "Unterbett" itself can have different meanings. Without context it is wild guessing.
  4. Demiurg

    Demiurg Senior Member

    They seem to be something like the Borrowers, maybe tiny people living under a bed.
  5. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    In this case "Unterbetter" is a neologism in standard German and follows its rules.
    In English this may be "the under-the-beds".
    Can you provide context from the book?
  6. 2 blocks from trocadero Member

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for replying. I think ''The Under-the-Beds'' is a good idea. The book is similar to Borrowers but it's not that one. It's called ''Die Unterbetter'' and it's about four families one of which lives under the bed (the others live behind the shower, in the wardrobe etc; it's a children's book). Do you have other suggestions for the title besides ''The Under-the- Beds''?

    P.S. What are the other meanings of ''unterbetter''? I didn't understand Hutschi's explanation, my German isn't very advanced :(
  7. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member


    from which language to which language will the translation be? I thought from German to English.
    It may be essential.


    I gave some German meanings. The word "Unterbetter" as noun follows German word building rules. But I did not know it until now.

    In my posting I gave some possible meanings, but it was clarified later due to context.

    According to word building rules it may have different meanings:

    - a dated (dialect?) version of the plural " die Unterbetten"
    - the persons who provied "Unterbetten"
    - The persons who are in the "Unterbetten".
    and some more.
    All this is superseded by your context.

    If "Die Unterbetter" is in an English text, and you want to translate the English text, you can let it "die Unterbetter" - as a foreign word. It may be a problem, if you translate it to German ...


    Such context is essential to help you.

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