died (on) Tuesday night


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I happened to find an article in New York Times, in which there is a sentence:

Dr. V. K. Wellington Koo, a Nationalist Chinese diplomat, a former Prime Minister and a signer of the United Nations Charter, died Thursday night at his home in Manhattan.

The grammar I was taught tells me that it is better to use 'died on Thursday night'. Could you please tell me whether I am wrong? Thank you.
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    This looks like a difference between AE and BE.

    In British English I would say, 'died on Thursday night'.


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    In speech, in both BrE and AmE, we often leave out the article - 'I saw him Tuesday night' - but in BrE we tend to put in the preposition in writing. AmE speakers don't mind omitting the preposition in writing too.


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    Thank you both again. I just now came across another similar usage in a US-made film Blue Jasmine, wherein a girl says
    What are you doing Sunday afternoon?
    Now I am sure this kind of usage is acceptable colloquially, and likely in American context.


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    I just found out awhile a go that preposition can be omitted before days. And now I found it's even true for dates:

    Duncan died Oct. 8 of the virus after nearly two weeks in the hospital

    Everything I learn from textbook became messed up now.


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    Most course books tend to offer models of 'good' English. In real life, even educated native speakers use forms in English that they would rarely write. It is sfne to use the language you have learnt with the help of books, but don't be surprised if native speakers do not always follow the rules.