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Salut everyone

I am trying to find some old French diesel injectors, and need to write to a French garage to see if they can supply them. I wonder if anyone could help me say: we are diesel fuel injection engineers? My best guesses are 'nous sommes ingénieurs d'injection de gazole' or ' ingénieurs d'injection de carburant gazole' but I am sure there must be a specific technical phrase that I am not aware of.

Better still, anyone got any Berliet DLL 385 510's lying around anywhere? Only kidding! In fact I have always struggled to explain our business in French, so it would really help to know what I should be saying!

Merci beaucoup d'avance.
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    Oh thank you - that helps enormously. I've never heard of that term before - so much better than 'diesel fuel injection engineer' which is the only way to describe the job in English! So could I say:
    Nous sommes diésélistes situés près de Southampton?

    Also, I assume that an injector is un injecteur, but is the correct term for the nozzle that goes in the injector 'un embout', do you know please? That was the word for a nozzle on a pipe, and I couldn't find anything else that seemed to suit. Désolée de vous déranger and merci beaucoup.

    ps: I've just realised that diésélistes must be feminine, so should that be 'situées?


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    it would be:

    Nous sommes des diésélistes situés près de Southhampton.

    I'm not a diesel engine expert, but "injector" is indeed "injecteur", and I think the injector itself is made of two parts:

    - le corps (literally "the body") : looks like a cylinder
    - l'aiguille (literally "the needle") : looks like a needle :)

    So I suppose the term you're looking for nozzle is "aiguille".


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    Oh fantastic, thank you both. Phynaert: The link is really interesting (and useful) to see the names of the other parts of the pump and engine. Vanagreg: for a non-expert you're brilliant! Merci beaucoup!
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