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Español but I can read, write, speak and understand English very well
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Sample sentence:I need to translate "Pérdida en Diferencial Cambiario" and I have no idea of what it means or how to translate it.

I do not have any sample senteces because it is on a title and I did not find it anywhere else in the document.

Any suggestions will be very welcomed.
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  • I can only help you with the 'what it means' part.

    Pérdida en Diferencial Cambiario = Pérdidas por diferencias de cambio are the losses you have because of the changes in the value of the currencies other than your own.

    As an example, if you are accounting in USD and you buy an euro by 1,25 USD and then the euro falls to 1,20 USD you will have a 'pérdida por diferencias de cambio' as much as 0,05 USD.

    My guess: 'Foreign Exchange losses'.
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    Fernando, :thumbsup: I agree again.

    I'd like to add the phrase "Exchange Rate", which I think is close to "Cambiario."

    However, since Loss due to Exchange Rate Differential is much more clumsy than your idea, you get a prize for fastest and best answer. :D
    Do you think that Exchange Rate Differential Losses would be OK?
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    Exchange Rate Differential Losses is confusing to me, but may not be confusing to your audience (I'm not an economist). I would use Losses from Exchange Rate Differential or simply Exchange Rate Losses.

    Best of luck!
    Thank you for all your help. I just sent the document to my boss and now I just have to wait and see if we were right or not. I will let you know what is the correct term (or at least what my boss thinks is the correct one).

    Once again, thank you for everything.
    I've already received the response from my boss, and she says that Exchange Rate Differential Losses was the correct term. Thank you very much for all your help
    I hope to have been helpful in a way. Thank you very much for your corrections, fenixpollo. You have saved SusieQ's job! ;) If I have time (not probably) I would like to post the translation given in Spanish-speaking financial statements (I don't expect not to differ from fenixpollo or SusieQ's boss translation).