Diferencias Say/tell/explain/complain/ask En Reported Speech

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  1. sylvano_ Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    En reported speech, cuando hay que usar cada forma? o es indiferente? que diferencias hay de uso¿?

  2. InsanityNow Member

    English-United States
    From what I have noticed there is not much difference. Decir is virtually the exact same as Say/Tell in reported speech, and 'ask' the same as preguntar. Explain should be used after details are provided. Complain should be avoided in objective reporting, as it makes a value judgement of the speaker.

    I will give you some examples.

    "I have enjoyed my eight years in office," president Bush told reporters.
    "I have no regrets," said the mayor.
    "How much longer will the war last?" Asked the protester.
    "The war will last a long time, especially if we are not given the necessary resources to pursue it," explained the politician.
    "WE HATE TAXES," the demonstators complained. (avoid using 'complain' in reported speech).
  3. sylvano_ Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    alguien mas da su opinion?
  4. NFCS New Member

    México, Spanish

    In the reported speech, when you use say, you don’t mention the person who you are talking to, and when you use tell, you have to mention a person, for example:

    Xavier said he was driving his bike.
    In that example Xavier is not mentioning the person who Xavier said that, So that we supposed he simply said that.

    Xavier told me he was driving his bike.
    In that example Xavier mentions the person, in this case, me, know we know the person who Xavier said that statement.

    I hope I’ve been helpful.
  5. Forero Senior Member

    Houston, Texas, USA
    USA English
    The term reported speech I believe refers to this kind of construction, not the kind like in

    "I have no regrets," said the mayor.

    I would call that quoted speech.

    As reported speech it would be

    The mayor said he had no regrets.
  6. david13

    david13 Senior Member

    Ciudad de México
    USA - US English
    Hola Sylvano:

    Si "reported speech" refiere a noticias en la prensa y otra media,

    Say = decir sin complemento indirecto (a menos que en frase preposicional)
    "John said the food was good."

    Tell = decir con complemento indirecto "John told me the food was good."

    Explain = explicar "John explained that the steak was so tender because it was imported from Uruguay."

    Complain = quejar "John complained that the coffee was cold."

    Ask = preguntar Ask for = pedir. "John asked whether there was any hot coffee." Pregunté si haya café caliente. "John asked for hot coffee." Pedí café caliente.

  7. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
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