Différence(solde de paiement)


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Canada - Quebec (francais)

Could anybody please help me? I need the EXACT tranlsation for the following as I am writing a residential tenancy agreement:

20% of the total amount must be paid before Jan 01, 1111.
La différence doit être payée avant Feb 01, 1111.


  • :) Welcome to the forum, Adamito.

    Your post confuses me. You have two sentences. Is the second one your translation of the first one?
    The first sentence is the context. The 2nd sentence is the one I need translated

    The answer should be something like
    "The difference between the full amount and the amount paid(20%) must be paid before Feb 01, 1111.

    Désolé pour la confusion, je suis très fatigué!

    Merci pour votre aide